Varna Airport

By December 18, 2017 No Comments

STENS has implemented a project for the renewal of the lighting at Varna Airport

Within the project, over 700 Philips 2x26W lamps have been replaced with the same number of high-efficiency Downlight 23W LEDs. They are characterized by a unique optical concept, high energy efficiency with low deflections, flat design with a low build depth. Lighting fixtures are designed for direct replacement of conventional moons with CLLs, achieving energy efficiency above 65%. The illumination improved by 25%, with direct replacement of the same amount. The energy needs are reduced, meeting the Bulgarian and international regulatory requirements. Increased service security and optimization of electricity cost for lighting. With the innovative solution we have achieved a unique interior and light comfort. Zoning, natural light, dimming, and time-based control options are provided to optimize consumption by providing maximum levels of comfort and maximum cost savings. Energy-efficient, multi-functional and long-lasting LED lighting is emerging as an illumination of the future. Moreover, it is flexible, controllable and attractive.