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Natural vibes in luxury style

The pieces in the new MANOOI collection are based on a completely new foundation: creating a luxurious and elegant look with using natural materials such as onyx. The designer, János Héder was particularly drawn to the infinity and harmony of the universe and sought to capture these qualities in the design of the lamps.

The main element of the collection, the onyx spheres, are meant to evoke the celestial bodies of the sky, the moons and planets that make up the universe, while creating a sense of serenity and wonder. Due to the natural properties of base material these elegant pendant lamps fulfill the interior with soft and gentle glow of light.

The GEM Collection recalls the planets of our universe, each of them is different and has something in common at the same time, they striving for perfection with their streamlined form and soft, seemingly silky surface. The onyx elements are carefully shaped and polished to bring out its natural textures and colors of this unique material. They provide a modern, lean style which is easy to identify with.

Moonrise, Moonset, Io and Aura pendant lamps were designed with the environment in mind using LED technologies and natural materials.

Jewel family of lamps 

Jewel is designed with LED technologies and these onyx lamps provide warm and inviting light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The Jewel family is also available in wall, suspended, ceiling, wave versions.


Origo cone onyx

The Origo cone, which made its first debut at Euroluce 2019, returns in a revamped form. This time the designers have created a modern style with an onyx interior.