TEODOR Lighting Systems

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TEODOR Lighting Systems

STENS developed and implemented lighting systems for the leading men’s fashion company TEODOR. The new design of the stores of the chain is characterized by a minimalist style, and the light atmosphere predisposes to a better perception of the space and the displayed products.


TEODOR Lighting Systems

Conceptual for the overall solution is the use of universal current-carrying 4-line busbars Track Systems.The lighting implemented in this way allows easy rearrangement depending on the season or the presented collection.

The light sources used are a new generation of compact projectors OPPLE LEDSpot3C. They are characterized by high light efficiency and homogeneous light distribution, have different beam angles, replaceable reflectors and low glare.

Accents in common spaces are realized with OPPLE LEDSpotRS lighting systems – spotlight type. They are a suitable choice for shops with their clean compact design, long life and lighting control capabilities. They consist of 2 components – a main body for installation in the ceiling and a rotating, tilting part. They are characterized by excellent color rendering above CRI 90.

The dressing rooms and corridors are equipped with OPPLE LEDDownlightRc-P-HG. Lighting systems with a unique reflector optical concept (HG), high energy efficiency with low glare, suitable for direct replacement of CFL moons.

 All products have Smart Lighting Systems option. An advantage of OPPLE’s Smart Lighting Systems is its easy implementation and adaptation without additional wiring. The system provides the possibility of controlling each light source separately, controlling the color temperature (Tunable White), auto-dimming depending on the external lighting, as well as building different scenes and a corridor function.

The implementation of such systems in the retail trade allows to create a comfortable environment in the sales hall. Besides helping to reduce energy costs, they “highlight” the different target groups of products.