LED Module Clio

By October 31, 2017 No Comments

The CLIO LED module, which easily transforms the traditional luminaire into an efficient LED illuminator.

Main characteristics:

Suitable for LED adaptation in bodies with round PL and CLL.
High Energy Efficiency: 100lm / W for module 16W 83lm / W for module 36W.
Extremely flat construction – 25mm / module 16W / 28mm / module 36W /.
Easy and flexible installation with magnets and screws.
A driver integrated into the PCB, ensuring diode reliability and low maintenance costs.
The flat design of the CLIO LED allows it to be mounted perfectly on all kinds of metal housings ø> = 250mm (16W), ø> = 550mm (36W).
It is also available with an optional motion sensor.
There is a homogeneity of light, no accountability and shadows of the diodes.