New BETELGEUS building

By December 13, 2022 No Comments

STENS prepared a project for the electrical part and implemented the lighting systems of the “BETELGIUS” OOD administrative-warehouse complex.

The building has its own warehouse, showroom, service center and a modern, modern office. It is of a new generation and complies with modern energy efficiency trends. Sustainable electrical distribution and electrical installation technologies and products are used

STENS LEDHighBay100 industrial lighting fixtures were used for the warehouses. They are specially made according to individual dimensions and specifications, 100% manufactured in Bulgaria. They are characterized by a high luminous flux – over 150 Lm/W, unique in their ability to be configured with an emergency module.

The service rooms are fully realized with OPPLE LEDSlimPanel PerformerG5. Their ultra-slim design, integrated motion sensor and smart control option (BLE) make them the perfect choice for this type of room.

The office parts are made with the latest generation of lighting and combine energy-efficient intelligent LED lighting – moons, spots and spotlights. To complement the highlights, modern architectural LED oval fixtures have been installed in combination with sound-absorbing and sound-isolating elements.

The installed OPPLE LED panels of a new generation have a diffused light. The high-quality LED panel has improved technology, high light output and low consumption. The built-in ceiling frame and elegant design with low installation depth make it suitable for the specific high ceiling of office and service rooms.

Accents in the common spaces are highlighted with compact OPPLE LEDSpotRA moons – a spotlight type. They are a suitable choice with their clean compact design, long life and lighting control capabilities. They consist of 2 components – a main body for installation in the ceiling and a rotating, tilting part. They are characterized by excellent color rendering above CRI 90. Conceptually, for the overall look of the showroom, we inserted Track Systems Universal Conductive Linear Busbars. They allow flexibility in arrangement and specially built-in spotlights. The implementation of the developed office lighting systems made it possible to create a comfortable environment, achieving a unique interior and improving the conditions and parameters of the working environment.

We also added LED OPPLEDownlight moons. They are characterized by a unique optical concept and high energy efficiency with low glare. The corridors are designed with hanging lighting fixtures.

All used OPPLE fixtures have a Smart Lighting Systems intelligent lighting management system. The system is extremely innovative, providing the possibility of controlling each light source separately, controlling the color temperature (Tunable White) and fine tuning ensuring complete comfort. The light flux can be adjusted as soon as daylight enters the room, or you can simply illuminate your workplace or conference room with the preferred color temperature.