STENS implements “Home Automation” based on the KNX protocol, using entirely Schneider Electric equipment.The automation covered lighting management, blinds and awnings, the heat pump,floor heating and convectors.Remote control from smartphone and tablet/computer was also included.

Lighting control is fully implemented on the basis of the DALI protocol, via KNX
DALI Gateway, as part of the lighting fixtures, have conventional light sources (E27 bulbs, 220V).

The KNX insert, for a console box, turns an ordinary button into a KNX one. The KNX Push-button Pro button simultaneously saves space, replacing 4 ordinary buttons (or 2 double), provides the additional functionality characteristic of Schneider Electric’s KNX modules and, last but not least, has the stylish design of the System Design series.

All this, in combination with management via tablet and smartphone, allowed the deployment of a smaller number of buttons while at the same time preserving the full functionality of the entire lighting installation.

BLINDS and AWNINGS The visualization in the control of the blinds and the awning, allowed the visual representation of their current situation

The meteorological station “KNX Weather Station basic v2” is not only for information about the weather outside. Its built-in measuring devices and sensors are easily connected in a desired control logic, automating processes or actions :

  • Retracting the awning in case of rain, wind or chance of freezing
  • Retracting the blinds in case of wind or frost
  • Blocking the action of the blinds and the awning in the presence of certain events (rain, wind, possibility of freezing).
  • Opening the awning, lowering the blinds or turning (until closed) their slats in direct sunlight and/or high temperature in summer.

Any combination of automated controls is possible that would otherwise require the presence of an occupant in the home to perform them.

Automating these processes is also an indirect way to save electricity (for example, protection from direct sunlight in combination with high summer temperatures).


The management of the heat pump, floor heating and convectors, from home automation, ensures home comfort. The switching of the operating modes, preset or additionally added, is fully automated according to the wishes of the occupant, leaving the possibility of switching to “manual control” mode. The possibility of remote control is an indispensable assistant in preparing the home for a return after a long absence.

The touch display “KNX Multitouch Pro”, with its 8 sliding screens, with 4 functions each each, complete with the built-in thermostat and an additional output for a temperature sensor for floor heating, allows the management of all consumers in the room, objects of the automation. Its size is fully adapted to the System Design series, which allowed it to be installed as as a stand-alone device as well as in a set with a contact outlet in a common frame.


Schneider Electric’s “Wiser for KNX” logic module made remote control possible both through a tablet, in one with visualization, and through a smartphone, ensuring full synchronization with all KNX equipment.

Its ability to collect statistics on the status of various consumers or measured values ​​made it possible to visually confirm the correct operation of a part of the equipment, without requiring our constant presence during the configuration and setting of the automation.

Automation options do not require the installation of additional KNX equipment, as adding control logic is possible at any time, including remotely.

Monitoring of the entire property on one screen. The visual presentation of the state of each of the managed consumers. The output of emergency, warning and momentary messages. Create any number of scenes to manage randomly grouped consumers.

All this is only part of the possibilities of “Wiser for KNX”.

Smart houses from Schneider Electric

Smart houses from Schneider Electric