Amaya Residence 2

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Amaya Residence 2

STENS is implementing a building installation project for the beautiful Amaya Residence 2 complex, located in the best part of the modern and dynamically developing Krastova Vada neighborhood, in close proximity to the Paradise Center mall.

The building is filled with professional precision and quality materials in strict compliance with construction procedures, according to Bulgarian law. Sustainable electricity distribution and installation technologies and products are used.

For the realization of the electrical installation are used entirely products of the brand HIMEL. The company is one of the leaders in quality electrical products:

  • automatic fuses;
  • residual current devices;
  • transformers;
  • circuit breakers;
  • relays;
  • keys;
  • contacts .

HIMEL combines aesthetic design, high quality, rich variety and intelligent features at competitive prices.A wide range of solutions with a variety of lighting and power management functions through a variety of system integrations.

Switches and sockets with elegant design and a large variation of colors.From key to contact, HIMEL provides the perfect product for a long period of time, made of durable materials.