Corporate Banking Office

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Corporate Banking Office

STENS realized a project for lighting upgrading of a corporate bank office.
Within the project, existing 2x18W luminescent luminaires were replaced with high-efficiency LED Downlight 23W. They are characterized by a unique optical concept, high energy efficiency with low glare, flat design with low embedding depth.
Lighting fixtures are designed for direct replacement of conventional moons with CLLs, achieving energy efficiency above 65%.
With the innovative solution implemented, the illumination improved by 35%, with direct replacement of the same quantity and optimization of the electricity costs.
We have achieved unique interior and light comfort, improved the conditions and parameters of the work environment.
Energy-efficient, multi-functional and long-lasting LED lighting is emerging as an illumination of the future. Moreover, it is flexible, controllable and attractive.

  • High Energy Efficiency: 114lm / W.
  • Wide range of available variants 11.5; 15; 23; 33
  • Unique Optical Concept with Chromed (HG) Reflector and Low Glare.
  • Elegant design suitable for hidden and superficial installation.
  • Small body height (max 73mm).
  • Opportunity to manage and build Smart Lighting systems.
  • Designed specifically for direct replacement of conventional moons with CLL.
  • High efficient driver providing diode reliability and low maintenance costs.
  • Large possibilities for retrofitting due to different sizes of adaptive rings.

Power: 11.5 – 33.00W
Operating voltage: 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Luminous flux: 1150-3500 lm
Radiation angle: 75 °
UGR <19
Color temperature: 3000-4000K
Class: A +++
Housing material: Aluminum
Operating temperature: -10 ° ÷ + 40 °
Warranty: 5 years