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Comprehensive engineering with a full volume of engineering activities - investment intention, design, construction, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of power systems.
The service includes:
• Consultations and selection of optimal solutions in the conceptual project stage. Development of options when building the systems.
• Design with included proven and innovative technical solutions and systems with guarantees for trouble-free cooperation of all included components and subsystems.
• Construction and commissioning in compliance with good practices and innovative solutions.
• Warranty and post-warranty support of the system.
The company has traditions in the field of design, installation, construction and implementation of new technologies and automation of large and small sites, having many years of experience offering its customers high-quality and proven effective engineering solutions.

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STENS designs, supplies and installs LED lighting installations for:
• Interior lighting - Administrative buildings; Bank offices; Shops and shopping areas; Public restaurants; Houses and apartments;
• Exterior lighting - Public buildings; One family houses; Parks; Gardens; Barbecues;
• Industrial lighting - Industrial buildings; Plants; Workshops; Robes; Work premises;
• Architectural lighting - Facades of public and residential buildings; Hotels, Restaurants, Exterior objects - bridges, monuments, etc.
• Pool lighting - Family and community swimming pools; Saunas; Water attractions; Jacuzzis; Fountains and water cascades;
We have a professional team specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of lighting installations. We create innovative LED lighting fixtures with great efficiency, defined by high light output with low energy consumption.

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Project design and management

We offer complete design and project management, tailored to your ideas and according to the requirements of the relevant legal acts. Our team consists of highly qualified electrical engineers, with extensive experience and deep knowledge, not only in the field of designing electrical installations (including low-current electrical systems, power installations and protective installations), but also about legal prescriptions and requirements. Thus, we create all the prerequisites for your project to be approved at the institutional level, without unnecessary waste of time, nerves and money.
We offer electrical design for the reconstruction of existing systems as well as for new construction. We can design parts of buildings (apartments, offices, shops, floors, etc.), and also design the entire electrical distribution of buildings or complexes.

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Smart Homes

Smart Home systems bring security, flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort to homes. Thanks to innovation and home automation, every project will become a future-proof investment!

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April 8, 2024


We present to you another successfully completed project - "Stellar", in which we built: – high and low current internal installations – interior lighting – terrace exterior lighting – finishing...
June 1, 2023


BRAND NEW GEM COLLECTION Natural vibes in luxury style The pieces in the new MANOOI collection are based on a completely new foundation: creating a luxurious and elegant look with...
December 14, 2022

Opple Lighting: some of our new products

December 13, 2022

New BETELGEUS building

STENS prepared a project for the electrical part and implemented the lighting systems of the "BETELGIUS" OOD administrative-warehouse complex. The building has its own warehouse, showroom, service center and a...
November 23, 2022

Opple For All Your Projects

November 11, 2022

Replace your old installation with LED and save 65%

Replace your old installation with LED and save 65%   Replace your old installation with LED and save 65% With the high energy prices currently, saving energy has become very...