Stens is a rapidly developing company – trusty and correct business partner. With already approved market share, the firm specializes in projecting and implementation of complete solutions in the field of building and industrial energetics, communication and automation, production and business activity, delivery and maintenance of computer and video surveillance systems, expert technical consulting.

     In today’s conditions of dynamic penetrating of digitalization and information technologies in nontraditional activities like construction engineering and energetics we laid the fundamentals of our firm on complex specialists in relatively different areas – electroenergetics, computer technique and technologies. On the market of this kind of services have been made a significant change which assumes a radically new type of relationships between the clients and our company. The changing consumer needs are being satisfied with professional flexibility. New aspects have to be integrated without losing experience of many years of work, making it more interesting and attractive for counteragents.

     Following our innovative policy and based on thorough marketing researches and analyses, our company’s goal is to fill the empty segments of the market with expansion and realization of the offered goods and services.

     Leading technologies, fast growth and stable management put our company among the leaders on the market. Our ambition is to offer quality that responds to the requirements of even the hardest working conditions, giving a guarantee for long-term and reliable exploitation, and simultaneously to ensure competitive prices, considering the special features of our market. The company has clear regulations and gives flexibility in developing and applying its price policy. Among the main characteristics of our firm are favorable terms that we offer to our clients – delivery and transportation to the customers’ warehouse, technical consultations, and measuring. We observe all of the above obligations strictly and responsibly, according to the regulations of our legislation and status, under the strict community control and totally independent from private interests.

     As an overall result from our activity so far, we could mention the following positive features, which give the milestones of our future development:
•    Enthusiastic and highly motivated management with ambition for uninterrupted progress;
•    Highly trained personnel, striving for continuous self-improvement;
•    Financial stability, expansion of the firm’s activities, diversification of the offered services and continuous raise of the quality;
•    Permanent process of technical innovation, in accordance with trends in the branch;
•    Striving for leading positions;
•    The established business relationships with leading companies are preposition for regular delivery of quality materials, from the other hand it is a good base for duly satisfaction of our own needs in realizing the taken obligations.

     We do our best to satisfy our clients’ requirements with ensuring them a personally oriented service. Something more – it is a lasting trend that identifies our company as a loyal and reliable business partner. An integral part of the assessment of the quality of service is looking for a back connection from our clients about their satisfaction. For us good service means good business, loyalty is the bridge with which starts and ends the road, so that counteragents are ready to come back and work with us again.