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We share our satisfaction with our work as Alba Building Design Engineer from the Building of the Year 2017 Contest and congratulate everyone involved in this unique project.

ALBA Building was awarded the first prize in the annual "Building of the Year" competition. The 32 member jury voted among more than 60 participants divided into 13 categories. ALBA is not the winner of the "Building of the Year" award, "Residential Buildings". Designed by specialists who appreciate the advantages and qualities of modern building materials and technologies, striving for global trends - not only to the design of a building, but also to the materials that build it.

Congratulations to the whole team, wishing for new creative achievements!

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STENS creates innovative LED lamps with great efficiency defined by high luminous output with low power consumption.
Our 15 years experience as Ultimate Expert Partner for Global Solution leads to manufacturing led lights beyond conventional concepts , conquering the balance between technical and aesthetics requirements .
The path to proficiency was forget through alliances with the best in the industry – Philips , Osram , Meanwell , Samsung , Bridgelux and Tridonic . Therefore we present our products with a standard 5 years warranty .

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Project Management and Design


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Smart Homes

Smart Home Systems bring security, flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort to all living spaces. Thanks to innovation, and home automation every project will become a future-proof investment!

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май 20, 2022

TEODOR Lighting Systems

TEODOR Lighting Systems СТЕНС разработи и реализира осветителни системи на водещата фирма за мъжка мода TEODOR. Новият дизайн на магазините от веригата се характеризират с минималистичен стил, като светлинната атмосфера...
май 11, 2022

OPPLE Smart Industry Lighting Solutions
април 1, 2022

OPPLE Smart Office System
януари 11, 2022

Нов офис и шоурум

Нов офис и шоурум От началото на 2022 год. можете да ни намерите на следния адрес: ул. „Борис Руменов“ 9А, в комплекс „Амая Резиденс“, в непосредствена близост до МОЛ „Парадайс…

декември 20, 2021

Ново OPPLE LED осветление в КСБ

Осветление в КСБ от СТЕНС           С голямо удоволствие и професионална гордост съобщаваме, че “KАМАРАТА НА СТРОИТЕЛИТЕ НА БЪЛГАРИЯ” се довери на СТЕНС за цялостна подмяна на осветлението...
юли 2, 2021

TunableWhite LED Lights in new Schneider Electric България

TunableWhite LED Lights in new Schneider Electric България      STENS разработи и реализира осветителни системи за новия офис на Schneider Electric България. Горди сме да съобщим, че това е първия...